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"I have learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

--Maya Angelou

"Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and be vibrantly alive in repose."


Keys to Success: Simple Habits of Succesful People

When most people talk about success, they usually refer to career success.


Career success means climbing up the career ladder, becoming rich or simply getting the desired recognition for an achievement like writing a book.

Most of us dream big, but dreaming alone can only take us so far. Some of us stay stuck in the dream face, while others move to the next level.

This next level entails having the ambition to research your goal, develop a network of people that can help you get there, and the drive to get there despite adversity.

Keys to Success: From Good to Great

Business consultant and author Jim Collins researched the personalities of many Fortune 500 CEOs. He found that the most succesful executives are able to achieve success and maintain it even during times of recession.

But what is it about them that allows them to accompish this amazing feat? Jim Collins' research revealed surprising findings. He identified two key personality characteristics that stand above the rest. These are:

    Professional will: A complete dedication to do what is best for the organization. A person with a high professional will is said to be driven to accomplish his goals.

    Personal humility: A unique ability to deflect all the credit and give it to others in the company or organization.

    Enduring Success

    Jim Collins' research found that:

    • Of the 500 companies that appeared on the first list, in 1955, only 71 hold a place on the list today.
    • Nearly 2,000 companies have appeared on the list since its inception, and most are long gone from it.
    • Some of the most powerful companies on today's list—businesses like Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and Google—grew from zero to great upon entirely new technologies, bumping venerable old companies off the list. Robert Noyce invented the integrated circuit in 1958, three years after the first Fortune 500. Dozens of companies on this year's list did not even exist in 1955.
    • Some of the most celebrated companies in history no longer even appear on the 500, having fallen from great to good to gone from the list—companies like Scott Paper, Zenith, Rubbermaid, Chrysler, Teledyne, Warner Lambert, and Bethlehem Steel—most often because they capitulated their independence, but sometimes because they outright died.

      So What Does All This Mean?

      Success is less about you and more about your dreams

      The most highly succesful people have an ability to do well for others without expecting anything in return. Many of them don't even want all the credit; just simply care about the well being of their people.

      They also have a strong drive to pursue their ambitions. Whereas the majority of people are preoccupied with many distractions (e.g., paying the mortgage; buying that pretty car; etc), highly succesful people focus their attention entirely on their dream and the people they care about. With little distractions, the human mind is able to accomplish amazing feats.

      In a separate study, some researchers found that individuals who were seen as "task masters" were more succesful in the long run than those who were described as simply "competitive".

      Perfectionism Can Lead to Procrastination

      • You might know of some succesful people who are perfectionists. While it can be a very important and a powerful tool, it can also keep you from reaching your goals if you are not careful.
      • Did you know? Most underachievers are actually perfectionists. The problem is, their goals are so high they always fall short of their expectations. Or they feel overwhelmed by them and they procrastinate.

      Getting Started


      Set realistic goals. Focus on them, work on them and to move to the next. Yes, you might feel an urge to do a lot more but doing this might set you up for failure. Remember, successful people get there not only because of good ideas and hard work, but because they are masters of setting realistic goals.

      Be there for others. As mentioned above, this is very important. It is crucial that you socialize with people that will help you become succesful. If you are there for them, they will be there for you. If you believe in their ability to work with you, they will believe in your dreams.

      Simplify. If you feel overwhelmed, you are putting too much on your plate. Keep tasks simple.

      Avoid rumination. Remember the last time your mind went on and on about something, leaving you feeling tired and mentally drained? Too much valuable energy is used when you over-think. This energy is better spent on taking action.

      Take action. Remember, you are always in control. If you take a break, it's because you chose to take a break. If you take action, it's because you decided to do so. Everything you do happens because you choose to make it happen. Choose to be proactice and make a difference.

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